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All ages and all levels from complete beginners to elite players.
Designed to fit the needs of any junior player looking for a great tennis experience. This is where a player's journey can be whatever they want: fun-based, skill focused, or competitively driven. 
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(ages 4-6)
A thoughtful blend of tennis, fun, and games, all of which are geared toward proper strokes and motor skills. Enjoy success early while learning some basic fundamentals to help them begin their lifetime sport adventu

(all ages)
Learn, play, and make new friends along the way. Students will learn the mechanics of each stroke, as well as footwork, consistency, placement, and rallying skills. Emphasis on learning through play. 

(all ages)
Students will fine tune t
heir strokes, increase their court coverage, and learn to control the pace, spin, and depth of their shots. Players will begin to compete in games and friendly match play. 

(all ages)
The intermediate level classes focus on proper technique and mechanics. Exposure to match and point play is introduced while continuing instruction on the fundamentals. This program is crucial both for recreational students who play tennis for fun and for the
players who want to participate in tournaments or join school varsity or junior varsity teams.

(Marc Hill Tennis Academy)
The advanced program created by Marc Hill is the final training step before entering the Elite Level. Designed for players who want to reach their full potential in a challenging team atmosphere: middle-school and high-school age group of tournament players. Players will continue to refine technical aspects while improving their mental skills and overall fitness and conditioning. 

(Marc Hill Tennis Academy)
The elite level classes are offered by the Marc Hill Tennis Academy. Any student not currently enrolled in the elite program will need approval before registering. Program reserved for active tournament players.

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