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Learn, play, and make new friends along the way.

A thoughtful blend of tennis, fun, and games, all of which are geared toward proper strokes and motor skills. This program will greatly assist young children with coordination and give them a sound combination of basic motor skills for all sports. The use of shorter courts and softer balls allows for the youngest of players to enjoy success early while learning some basic fundamentals to help them begin their lifetime sport adventure. 
For ages 4-6!

Students will learn the mechanics of each stroke, as well as footwork, consistency, placement, and rallying skills. They will enjoy the fun of rallying and point play. We will enjoy the beginning stages of competing and incorporate lots of games and fun into the mix. 
All ages

Students will fine tune their strokes, increase their court coverage, and learn to control the pace, spin, and depth of their shots. Players will begin to compete in games and friendly match play. 
All a


2022-2023 CALENDAR

Fall Season: Sep 10 - Nov 18
Winter #1: Nov 19 - Jan 27

Winter #2: Jan 28 - Apr 7
Spring Season: Apr 8 - Jun 16
- each season is 10 weeks long


Regular Group (5-6 players)
A combination of instruction, drills, fitness, and fun. Group lessons will have a specific focus determined by the coach, based on the average skill level of the students attending. The group is addressed as a whole and specific skills pertaining to the theme for the day will be reinforced. Kids will have the opportunity to learn in a fun and social environment. Cost: $32/h per player.

Small Group (3-4 players)

Designed to get the most out of the time spent on the court, these classes are the perfect choice for kids who are considering tennis as one of their main sports. Students are introduced to match-play and emphasis is on rallying and developing consistency, improving footwork and coordination, and learning all the rules and how to keep score. Cost: $42/h per player.

Semi Private (2 players)
During a semi-private lesson there are only two players on court with the instructor. This is an ideal option for children who want to learn quickly but prefer having a friend to learn, play and rally with. ​Cost: $78/h per player.

Private (1 players)
During a private lesson there is only one player on court with the instructor. This allows the students to learn much faster and to grasp more material in a shorter amount of time, while developing at their own pace. Cost: $128/h per player.


There is only one make up class per season allowed for regular groups with a 6:1 ratio. All specialty lessons (4:1 group, semi private, private, family lessons) come with unlimited make ups. ALL make up requests can only be made by using our online make up request form at least 24 hours before the start time of your class and make ups are valid until the end of the current season (i.e. fall, winter, spring). Make ups and credits do not carry over to any other sessions or programs.
Click here to request a make up.

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